Division of Research Administration promotes, supports and enhances the research administrative system to encourage the operation of research projects, the publication of research-based knowledge and the extension of research findings for sustainable development.


  1. Enhance Naresuan University’s research administrative system to become a research university in the year 2017
  2. Encourage Naresuan University’s academic and supporting staff to conduct research studies and to promote their research projects on the international platform
  3. Publicize and transmit the knowledge and technology derived from research studies onto the community and society in order to extend the benefit of research findings for sustainable development


  1. To specify Naresuan University’s research administration agenda in accordance with the organizational and national policies and plans
  2. To manage research grants from different funding organizations and follow-up with the research project evaluation to ensure that the research projects are conducted effectively according to the research objectives and goals
  3. To promote, encourage and coordinate research studies inside and outside the university for an efficient and continual operation
  4. To encourage the promotion of research findings, the publication of research knowledge and technology, the transmission of technology to the community, and the utilization of research studies to the highest efficiency
  5. To act as the center for the development, collection, and exchange of research information technology data, to publicize research findings via various channels, and to provide a constant academic platform for researchers and relate personnel to share and learn from one another in order to enhance the research efficiency and research administrative system