History : Division of Research Administration (DRA)

Naresuan University is aiming to become a “Research University” and to rank in the country’s Top Ten universities. The university, with the approval of Naresuan University Council, has projected its research policy comprising 9 research strategies for a systematic and concrete operation at all levels for the faculties, the university, as well as all the related organizations. This strategic operation has encouraged a crucial development in research personnel, research projects, intellectual properties, national and international publications of research studies, and research collaborative networks.


The university’s research administration unit was established in 1999 as part of Academic Development Unit in Division of Academic Service under the supervision of the university’s Vice President for Academic Affairs.


In 2001, according to the joint resolution of Naresuan University Administrative Board (33/44 on 7 November 2001) and Naresuan University Council (99 (6/2554) on 24 November 2001), the operation of Division of Academic Service was restructured, resulting in the division of its responsibilities into 7 work units: Registrar Unit, Academic Development Unit, Admission Unit, Foreign Affairs Unit, Academic Promotion Unit, General Administration Unit, and Research Unit, with the university’s Vice President for Research and Quality Assurance supervising the newly upgraded Research Unit


On 26 November 2005, Naresuan University Council (121 (5/2548)) further upgraded and restructured the existing Research Unit into Institute of Research and Development Administration to be operated on the same level as a faculty.


On 1 October 2006, due to the organization’s role as research secretariat whose mission was to collaborate, promote and support research projects, its roles and mission were once again readjusted into Division of Research Administration to become a more efficient unit operated by boards of committee to support the university’s research mission


To serve Naresuan University’s development policy concerning domestic and overseas research, Division of Research Administration divides its operation into 5 work units: General Administration Unit, Research Project and Funding Analysis Unit, Task-Based Research and Standard Operating Procedure Unit, Research Product Management Unit, and Research Information Technology Unit.